Do You Know Steam Cleaning?

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  • August 17, 2017

Steam cleaning, also called saturated steam cleaning, is a cleaning method. Through the high temperature and high pressure under the action of saturated steam, the surface of the oil to be cleaned of the particles dissolved, and its vaporization evaporation, allowing saturated steam cleaning surface to achieve ultra-clean state. At the same time, supersaturated steam can effectively cut into any small holes and cracks, stripping and removing the stains and residues.


1. Save both water and power, water consumption of 5 - 36KG/H, power consumption of 9 - 36 degrees.

2. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, steam will not hurt anyone outside 10CM.

3. Have the functions of sterilization, disinfection and deodorization.

4.There’s no need to use chemicals to clean, and would not produce pollution.

Steam Cleaning

Advantages of steam cleaning cars:

A. Can adapt to energy saving and environmental protection of the big market trends.

With the improvement of international energy conservation and environmental protection mechanisms and awareness, steam car cleaning could save both water and energy, and would not course waste water pollution, steam car cleaning would be a new trend.

B. Can adapt to various places of car wash service:

Steam car wash service can be carried out to the home mobile car wash, underground parking car wash, shopping malls and parking lot car wash, home users self-service car wash, etc.

C. Can carry out all-round car wash:

Steam car washing machine can be flexible to adjust the steam humidity, different from the high-pressure car washer, in addition to cleaning the car body, you can also clean the engine, car sofa, ceiling, air conditioning, cushion, pad, toys, jewelry, etc. . Can achieve a comprehensive cleaning.

D. Can improve the cleaning to fine cleaning:

The main concept of the steam fine cleaning is: steam can fully clean various parts of the car, and the most important of the cleaning process is not a simple high pressure steam washing with cold water, but through the characteristics of steam drying, with appropriate pressure and temperature for car cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and deodorization, to achieve better car wash cleanliness, and make the simple cleaning to fine cleaning, which would be more closely related to the health problems of the owners.

Besides, steam cleaning have many applications:

Such as:

1) Industrial equipment cleaning, 2) on-site vehicle care, 3) industrial bearing repair cleaning, 4)  spare parts surface degreasing, 5) car interior and exterior cleaning, 6) food and industrial equipment and appliances cleaning and disinfection, 7) cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, 8) health and epidemic prevention, etc.

Now, do you know steam cleaning better?