Is it really possible to clean the car interior with steam...

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  • August 19, 2017

As we know , more and more people would like to clean the car with steam car washing machine now. It gives us a very satisfactory cleaning effect , but at the same time they are also worried about whether it would damage the car interior at such a high temperature steam or not!

Please don't worry about it now, You just haven't really learned how to use it properly. Car member steam car washing machine using high temperature heat the steam to soften the stubborn stain, can be used for wool, chemical fiber, plastic, leather and so on, including almost all interior parts cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Car Interior

Steam car washing machine is more convenient to operate, mainly is the correct use of cleaning machine, operation should be based on different materials of parts to select different temperature in order to avoid damage parts, and half wet towel suitable for interior structure of the steam nozzle. Note the distance from the steam outlet to the interior more than 20cm range. In order to prolong the service life of the car interior trim parts and keep its luster, it is usually necessary to perform the photo operation after cleaning.

But beyond that, Guangzhou CAR MEMBER steam car washing machine have the following advantages

• No need to add any detergent, in full compliance with economic principles!

• Use high pressure to produce steam, clean and sterilize.

• Easily deal with tough dirt!

• Quickly remove dirt, save time and effort, economical and affordable!

Have you ever seen such an smart and useful steam cleaning machine ? When people enjoy scientific and hygienic environment, they will not produce secondary pollution to the environment with such a amazing steam car washing machine.