Have you ever seen such a wonderful steam generator ?

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  • August 30, 2017

Have you ever seen such a wonderful steam generator ?

   As we all know steam generator is an energy conversion equipment. There is the energy input of the boiler fuel such as the chemical energy, high temperature flue gas heat and other forms, then the boiler converted, the output will be with a certain heat of steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier.


What it can do with such a wonderful steam generator machine ?


   There is a lot of people do not know what is the purpose of the steam generator machine, especially the steam boiler. So today, according to this issue, will to show you about the purpose of steam boilers.

   The usage of steam generator is very wide. What’s more, the steam generator plays an important role in production and life. For example, Steam generator is divided into home and industry, food processing, medical industry and bottled pots, also other aspects for disinfection.


● 1.The food industry can be used for steamed meat or to keep warm. That will be suitable for the canteen or buffet.


● 2.The steam is used in Wine. The process of Steam boiler is through the heat exchanger, which the steam heat exchange water, so that the water is heating. Then can be heating, bathing, production and other purposes.


● 3.Petrochemical industry. The steam can be used for oil heating, in order to increase mobility.


● 4.Production enterprises. With the usage of steam on a wider range, such as insulation with the foam board, the production of raw materials is heating foam with steam. Besides, people will use steam to dry materials of furniture, in order to make furniture.


● 5.The steam is used in Gas brick to dry, but also can generate electricity and so on. Coal, fuel, electric, steam and steam generator application.


● 6.Washing ironing industry. That will use steam in dry cleaning machine, dryer, washing machine, dehydration machine, ironing machine and other equipments.


● 7.The use of bio-chemical industry: fermentation tank, reactor, mezzanine pot, mixer, emulsifier and other equipments.


   Is it amazing on such a widely use for steam generator machine ? However, the usage of steam generator is far more than those, which will be fond in more applications.