How to clean your car thoroughly?

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  • September 21, 2017

For car owners, that is common to clean their cars.

And they would like to clean their cars weekly, which could create a happy and health driving for them and their family.


So, which way would be better to clean cars?

Here’s a suggestion on it—steam cleaning!


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also called saturated steam cleaning, is a cleaning method. Through the high temperature and high pressure under the action of saturated steam, particles will be dissolved, at the same time, clean the surface of the oil and its evaporation, allowing saturated steam cleaning surface to achieve ultra-clean state. Meanwhile, supersaturated steam can effectively cut into any small holes and cracks, stripping and removing the stains and residues.


If to clean the car exterior, like car body and tyre, it’s suggested to use wet steam, could be cleaned more quickly than wet steam.

If to clean the car interior, it’s suggested to use dry steam. Firstly, dry steam could save more water than wet steam. Secondly, if to clean the car seat, dry steam would be better, because there’s no need to wipe it. Thirdly, steam cleaning have the functions of disinfection, which would be healthy for people’s life.


What’s more, steam also could be used to clean the car engine, engine hook, car boot, car air conditioner, etc., which could be widely used for cleaning your car thoroughly!