A new version for cleaning from Gaungzhou Car Member

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  • August 28, 2017

A new version for cleaning from Gaungzhou Car Member

What is steam cleaning machine? Lets see how Guangzhou Car Member, which is professional manufacturer in this field for years with the top technology and experience, make the explanation here.

Steam cleaning machine, also known as saturated steam cleaning machine, is using of saturated steam at high temperature and high pressure, cleaning parts of the surface of grease, dirt, and its vaporization, evaporation of a cleaning device. Users can also clean any small gaps and holes, peel off and remove oil stains and residues to achieve high efficiency, water saving, clean, dry, low-cost requirements, instead of expensive dry ice cleaning. The advantages of steam cleaning are water saving, reducing the use of various detergents, environmental protection, safety.

And what is the operation principle of this steam cleaning machine ?

Operation principle of steam cleaning machine is that the steam, generated by high temperature, can accelerate the movement speed of dirt surface resistance of the molecule by destroying the binding force between them to eliminate stubborn stains. And what’s more, it will completely eliminate a variety of bacteria, mites, and microbial pathogens which are attached to the objects. With nozzles, brushes and those convenient accessories in other functions, the steam can also provide a quick efficiency of decontamination and sterilization, without any cleaning agent of environmental protection concept.

So where we can use this is steam cleaning machine in people’s daily life?

As a matter of fact, steam cleaning machines are widely used around the world in various fields, such as cleaning of milling machines, cleaning of CNC machines and foundry equipment, cleaning of injection molding machines, etc.. Mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and other cleaning devices, can be cleaned completely in a very short time. Oil, grease, graphite or other stubborn dirt can also be easily removed by dry steam with sterilization at high temperature as well. In many cases, the device can completely replace those expensive dry ice cleaning methods.