How to identify the steam?

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  • September 01, 2017

Steam quality will affect the cleaning effect. How to identify the steam quality is very important, here to tell you.


-How to know the quality of dry steam:

1. The more transparent ( or light blue) of the steam, the dryer it is.

2. Use your hand, 20cm away from the muzzle, to swiftly feel the steam, you will feel less vapor.

3. The noise is smooth.

4. Operating for 24 hours with stable pressure, temperature, humidity and other parameter.


The dry steam application:

Fine cleaning, such as car engine, factory machine parts, carpet, range hood ect.


-How to know the quality of wet steam:

1. The deeper color of the steam, the more moisture it is.

2. Use your hand, 20cm away from the muzzle, to swiftly feel the steam, you will feel more vapor.

3. The noise of steam is much softer than the dry steam.

The wet steam application: 

Cleaning Large area, such as floor, windows, car body, car wheels ect.


The quality of the steam cleaning machine depends on the dryness of the steam, the pressure stability, and the service life. The steam cleaning machine technology is mainly honeycomb structure heating, combined with thermal technology, there are steam storage space, heat utilization is higher.



Steam car washing machine advantages:

1. Environmental protection

Steam can be high temperature sterilization, in the cleaning process will not produce any waste water and harmful gases, do not hurt the paint, do not pollute the environment. Low operating costs, high economic efficiency.


2. Intelligent security

Steam cleaning machine with automatic water and voltage regulator, automatic water alarm, and overpressure automatic pressure relief, is safe and reliable.


3. Large range

Steam cleaning machine is small and easy to move, no need for pipelines and drainage facilities, no space limited, is suitable for car beauty, gas stations, underground parking, parking lot residential garden parking lot, shopping centers, hotels, hotel parking lot vehicle cleaning.