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  • August 17, 2017

Car Member devotes itself to research and innovate in environmentally new cleaning product. CM-C88 specialized equipment for car detailing is the right appliance with new concept of cleaning, widely used in different industries like car beauty, house, office cleaning, hospital and labs cleaning, food industry, etc. Thus help you to create a clean and healthy environment for working and living.

Moreover, it is the Global First Steam & Ozone Machine which specialized equipment for car detailing. CM-C88, making use of high temperature and pressure steam with O3, is designed for car beauty, sterilization and deodorization.

Steam & Ozone Machine

The specialized equipment (Steam & Ozone Machine) for car detailing only takes advantage of tap water or purified drinking water, vaporizes water through a certain inside component and ejects steam with high temperature and pressure to cleanse, sterilize, sanitize, remove odour. No chemicals or detergents needed. Beside, there is no secondary pollution during cleaning. In addition, there is a O3 generator inside the machine to generate O3 for sterilization in a closed space. The O3 would automatically decompose to O2 in a closed space in 20 min, thus doing no damage to the environment.

steam & ozone machine

Compared to some steam cleaners on the market, the Steam & Ozone Machine is characterized by the following:

1. More stable and stronger jet power

2. Instant vaporization working method

3. Embedded temperature control system

4. Artful handle for using

5. Timer: working without staff (when set time is up, it will stop working and alarms)

6. O3 sterilization, as a supplement for steam disinfection

Steam & Ozone Machine

Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.) is professional on automotive aftermarket products ( Cleaning series & vehicle-mounted series) which focuses on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service. The main products are high-tech steam cleaner/car washer, high pressure washer, household high pressure car washing machine, jump starter, car inflator pump and etc. Now Car Member is the only one manufacture factory in Guangzhou which is in professional design, research and produce household car washing machine.