A Powerful Home Steam Cleaner

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  • July 25, 2017

Have you ever troubled by the greasy kitchen? Have you ever suffered from the invisible mites in your living rooms? Have you ever bothered by the dirty and smelly car interior? And you have tried numerous of methods to make yourself a clean and healthy circumstance: active carbon to purify and deodorize the air; chemicals or detergents for a stronger cleaning effect; ultraviolet ray lamp to sanitize and sterilize...However, you are still disturbed by all these methods: active carbon is unable to use for a long time; chemicals or detergents and ultraviolet ray would do damage to human body. Once again, youre trapped in other new troubles. In this time, a helpful thing is needed-- that is the powerful home steam cleaner.

steam cleaner

This steam cleaner is a popular product for home. Its small in size, with 38cm*28cm*27cm. Its net weight is only 3.5kg. Its power-saving and water-saving, with rated power of 1800W, which is almost equal to a domestic electric kettle. It;s Whats more, it can be used widely for cleaning.

This home steam cleaner is a good helper at home. It only takes advantages of little tap water to sterilize and clean anything at home. Non-neural liquids should be avoided to use in this cleaner, which, otherwise would be clogged and damaged. No harsh chemicals or detergents required, it wouldnt do human and environment any harm and pollution. Making use of high temperature and pressure steam, the cleaner can do all things very clean and reassuring effect. A wide variety of cleaning attachments does you any cleaning you want: two small nozzles for concentrating all the steam to clean slot or small things; an ironing plate for ironing all clothes and fabric; a brush plate for ceiling cleaning; a scraper for cleaning water; four soft round brushes to keep steam cleaning stable; a flat brush for carpet cleaning.

Beside household cleaning, the steam cleaner can be an all-around tool for car detailing: from interiors to exteriors, like leather or fabric seats, cup holders, dashboards, air-conditioning vents, central console, headliners, wheels, rims, body, etc. Although the cleaner is of small size, the steam temperature could be over 110. So its needless to worry about its power.

Whats more, the high temperature steam could be used to sanitize things or to clean greasy stains in the kitchen, range hoods, hobs, chopping board, microwave... Create an entirely new and healthy kitchen environment for housewives.

The steam clean machine is characterized by time-saving, power-saving and high temperature and pressure for cleaning. Its an unmatched heavy-duty steam cleaner for killing bacteria and mites, and fully cleaning anything with various of accessories. Try this to farewell to chemicals and detergents, and start a new living style of pure physical sterilization and cleaning.