Specialized Equipment for Car Refining & Detailing

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  • July 25, 2017

Traditional car washing is mostly depending on pressure water for cleaning cars, especially for car body. As for the car interior cleaning, dust and fragments cleaned is okay. The visible is cleaned up. How about the invisible? How can car owners make themselves a clean and healthy car interior environment? The new specialized equipment is the right and suitable one for car refining and detailing and caring.

Specialized Equipment for Car Refining & Detailing

This is an innovative cleaning appliance with new concept for car cleaning and detailing. It can be widely used in all kinds of industries, like in car care and beauty shops, household cleaning, office or labs, hospital or food industry, etc.. Its a kind of steam machine embedded with O3 generator, first 2-in-1 steam ozone machine in the world. Taking advantages of steam, with high temperature and strong pressure, and O3, the machine has been a good helper in car beauty, sterilization and deodorization. This detailing machine is now chiefly applied in car care shops: car interior O3 sterilization, air-conditioning vents cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, car interior corner cleaning, motor steam cleaning, wheel washing...

The specialized detailing equipment only requires pure water to vaporize and then sprays high temperature and pressure steam for cleaning and caring. No secondary pollution would be brought about in the whole process. Besides, the O3 is produced from a certain generator and then conveyed to a closed space for deodorization and sterilization. The O3 would be automatically decomposed into O2 in 20 minutes in a closed space, without any pollution to the environment. In words, its really an environment friendly car detailing machine so far.

Compared to the other steam cleaning machines on the market, the 2-in-1 steam machine is characterized by the following:

1. More stable and stronger jet power

2. Instant vaporization working method

3. Embedded temperature control system

4. Artful handle for using

5. Timer: working without staff

6. O3 sterilization, as a supplement for steam disinfection

Accessoris of Specialized Equipment for Car Refining & Detailing

The specialized detailing machine is equipped with various of accessories for different cleaning: a small nozzle for concentrating all the steam to clean slot or small things; an ironing plate for ironing all clothes and cloth; a brush plate for ceiling cleaning; a scraper for cleaning water; four soft round brush to keep steam cleaning stable; a flat brush for carpet cleaning.

Because of its unique working method, there are several things must be kept in mind when using this machine:

  • O3 would do human body side-effect. So after O3 sterilization, people should wait at least for 10min to open the car.
  • Silicone tube must be used to connect to the O3 outlet before starting O3 disinfection, thus to prevent air pollution.
  • The O3 sterilization must be used in a closed space in case of leakage.
  • Please click 2-in-1 steam O3 machine for more details.