Powerful Steam Washer for Cars & Industries

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  • July 25, 2017

There is a powerful steam washer for car detailing and cleaning in industries. The steam washer brings an innovative concept for car detailing and other cleaning, with high efficiency, environmental protection and sterilization. The steam washer is a series of steam washing with various of mode, electrical steam wash machine, gasoline steam wash machine, diesel steam wash machine. People can choose one that meets their requirement. For example, there is an abundant of oil in Saudi Arabia, so Arabian can choose gasoline steam washer for cleaning.

steam series

So have you ever considered why people choose steam washer? Is it because of new product? Then how can it survive in this competitive society? Here are the secrets for steam washer to survive.


The steam washer only requires about 10 minutes to wash a car. Its no doubt with high efficiency. It does car body a full decontamination in a short time. The point is car owners do not need to wait for a long time for car wash, thus saving lots of time for them. In addition, high efficiency saves energy for car wash centers. Killing two birds with one stone, right?


The washer is water saving and money saving. Compared to the traditional car wash, which consumes more than 120L of water and lots of detergents, it merely needs 1.5L of tap water to wash a car. No chemicals or detergents are needed. Besides, there is no waste-water produced in the whole process. So there is no need to build another waste-water processing system, which saves a lot for car wash.


The steam wash machine cleanses car exteriors and interiors with high pressure saturated steam, which is of unique thermal-decomposition. The saturated steam can decompose slit, oil stains and something like that and blows them away with high pressure. What more, the steam temperature could reach 170 , which can remove stains and sanitize. The steam could be used to clean motor, remove odour and clean upholstery, car seats, A/C vents, carpets etc. High temperature and pressure steam is of sterilization, which creates a healthy and clean car environment.

Wide applications:

Except car steam washing, the steam washer can also be used in many other industries: in hospital for floor disinfection, medical equipment and tableware sterilization; in kitchen or storeroom for cleaning; in factories for oil stains cleaning of machinery and hardware; in oil field for oil derrick cleaning; in transportation for cabin sterilization. All these owe to its small size and mobility.

About manufacturer:

Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.)  is professional on automotive aftermarket products ( Cleaning series & vehicle-mounted series). Car Member focuses on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service. The main products are high-tech steam washer/car cleaner, high pressure washer, household high pressure car washing machine, jump starter, car inflator pump and etc. Car Member specializes in high-tech products and adheres to the creative and unique route, and sticks to developing a cost-effective product yearly and provide competitively commercial opportunities for businessmen at home and abroad.