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  • August 19, 2017

car wash trouble

Do you have such troubles in car washing?

1. spend a lot money in car washing yearly?

2. waste a lot time waiting for car washing?

3. hard to clean up exterior and interior of car by yourself?

4. living far from car washing shop?

With Car Member excellent car washers, the problems will be solved out easily.

Car member will bring you a easy washing life. Saving your time, saving your money!

For exterior and interior washinghere recommended two excellent car washers:

Model C200:

1) 120 Bars high pressure, 12 meters water range

2) Auto water jet can be adjustable the pressure

High Pressure Car Washing

With the high pressure, the mud on the car body will be removed away.

Only one minutecar body can be cleaned up.

This excellent car washer not only can be used for washing car,but also can be used in industrial and agricultural field. Such as washing factory floors, wall and windows and watering farmland,fruit trees. The wide range for using let the car washer C200 more popular.

For the interior sterilizationthe steam and ozone is the best choice.

Model C88:

1) 30 Seconds steam comes out

2) Ozone sterilize the air

Steam Car Washing

Do you feel dizzy and nausea when you stay in car? It is killing our life.

Because the interior car is not clean, what’s worse, there are bacteria which we could not see, also the air of inner car is not fresh. Thus, will feel uncomfortable and harmful for health.

The steam and ozone washer is one of the most convenient multi-function car washer.

You can use the steam to clean up the car steering, safe belt, car seats, air conditioner. Because the high temperature of steam, that will disinfect.

After interior cleaningthe last one crucial step, close up all windows, use the ozone to sterilize the interior air. Exterior and interior washing can be down easily by yourself, the cost is lower than car wash shop. The most important is good for our health.

Car member has committed to cleaning service industry for many years. Leading car washing industry towards more quick and convenient in the future.