Multi-functional Car Wash Machine---C300

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  • August 12, 2017

This multi-functional car wash machine--C300 is one of the most popular car wash machines in 2017.

With the improvement of people's economic level, people's quality of life has also improved. For today's car owners, they also pay more attention to car care and cleaning. With the advantage of multi-functional car wash machine , the highly visible multi-functional car wash machine quickly takes the market opportunity and becomes the consumer trust car wash tool.

Multi-function Car Washer C300In order to comply with the current demand of car beauty market, Guangzhou Car Member Electronic technology Co., Ltd. launched a multi-functional car wash machine - - -C300. The car washer on the machine with the current market the biggest difference lies in:

(1) It only need ONE multi-functional car wash machine can now be cleaned thoroughly for a car, it changed the traditional single cleaning function.

(2) The multi-functional car wash machine not only can wash the car but also be used to household cleaning, corridor cleaning, flowers watering, household dust collection, etc.

(3) Cleaning effect will eventually reach the ideal state - clean and thoroughly. The multi-functional car wash machine breaks the limitations of the traditional single car washing machine and truly embodies the features of versatility, so the car wash equipment industry has been pushed forward a new step.

This multi-functional car wash machine is a combination of water washing, foam washing, vacuuming and drying. The invention makes the world very different, especially those who are keen on self-service car wash. The technical operation is very simple, it can save 90% water compared with the same power car washer , washing time is about 5-20 minutes for one car, and it can connect the faucet also can connect water bucket. it is very convenient and quick, totally accord with environmental protection consciousness. Therefore, this multi-functional car wash machine has very good application on the world.