What a multifunctional household car washer !

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  • August 09, 2017

A: Have you ever seen such an amazing car washer machine with washing , drying , dust collection all in one ? 

B: NO 

A: Today will show all functions one by one .

car washer 

Function A – Washing

CAR MEMBER Household car washer C300 With 1700w high pressure cleaning ability. It is equipped with atomizer nozzles, so it won’t be hurt the car paint ,which make your cars more clean and beauty at the same time. In addition, It can also washes the floor and drench the trees and etc . Besides, it has a sponge for more convenient Scrubbing the dirt. Do you think it is a useful design ?

 car washer

Function B – Drying

Car washer C300 with a super cooper heart, which  make the 35 degree air. It can dry your car after a high pressure washing quickly, which can save time and no more water mark on cars. Moreover, it has been tested that keep working more than 3 days and nights !

 car washer-drying

Function C- Vacuum clean  

Car washer C300 with a high vacuum degree more than 26Kpa, which is better than a household vacuum cleaner, is small and powerful. With different parts, it can vacuum every corners. Can you image such a small body having such powerful energy ? The concept for car washer C300 is to bring a perfect and useful life for us. 

 car washer-vacuum cleaner

The car washer C300, which is multifunction and portability, is the Global first high pressure household car washer. It is your best washer partner which make your life more wonderful !