General Cleaning with Car Washer

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  • July 25, 2017

Normally, many families may have General Cleaning of their home once a month, a quarter or a year. Most Chinese are used to cleaning generally once a year, usually before Chinese New Year. And many countries are used to cleaning before Christmas Day or before their New Year, etc.

Though we clean at different times, one thing may be the same—many people are very worried about how to make General Cleaning easily! Don’t worried! Here are some tips on how to make it easily!


Normally, many cookers may full of grease, it’s very difficult to clean. However, if we use one machine, it will be very easy, the grease can not only be cleaned thoroughly. And also have the function of high temperature sterilization!

This machine is Steam Car Washer!

Steam Car Washer C500

Car Interior and Car Engine:

There are lots of dirt in the car interior and car engine, and also very difficult for us to clean.

One Car Washer is very magic! The dirt can be cleaned very easy, and if have strange smell, it can also be removed after cleaning.

Steam Car Washer C500

Living Room/ Bedroom:

We normally use vacuum cleaner with the dust, and we recommend one multi-functional car washer here, it's 5 functions in 1.

1) Washing car;

2) Foam washing;

3) Drying;

4) Dust absorption;

5) Blow the snow cover away.

This Car Washer Machine can gather 5 function in 1 machine! And it’s portable.

Multifunctional Car Washer C300

Floor/ Wall:

As for these two place, the High Pressure Car Washer will be better! It has great power and can stubborn stains on the ground and wall. The horizontal range can be more than 20 meters.

What’s more, it can also watering the plants in garden.

washing and cleaning

With the above tips, doesn’t the cleaning be more easier?

No need to worry about cleaning any longer!