Who is the oil nemesis?

  • 2019
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  • August 25, 2017

Oil is a long-term accumulation of dirt.


Most of people easily think of using industrial cleaning agent to clean the oil. Of course, oil cleaning agent is professional to remove oil, but it will bring secondary pollution. After cleaning, the equipment will be with residual cleaning agent, and many industrial products are not allowed with residue, and the detergent itself is corrosive, industrial products will be impacted in a period. Of course, many professional friends are aware, They usually use the detergent and then wash the residual detergent away to achieve a certain effect. But is it that the problem can be solved?


Steam Cleaning Machine




With the development of industry, the requirements of the machinery are getting higher and higher, many parts or construction sites are not allowed to bring too much water, so the traditional way can not effectively solve the problem of oil pollution. Using steam cleaning machine, it is the most effective way to change the traditional cleaning methods.



Steam cleaning machines, also known as saturated steam cleaners, are a kind of cleaning equipment that utilizes the high temperature of saturated steam and the high pressure to clean the oil on the surface of machinery. You can also clean any small gaps and holes, peel off and remove oil and residues, to achieve efficient, water-saving, clean, dry, low-cost requirements.





Steam Cleaning Functions



Steam cleaning machine features and advantages:


1. Quick-drying: Super steam---high temperature saturated dry steam will not stay in the surface to be cleaned. Due to the high temperature, the surface is always dry cleaning. Even if cleaning electrical facilities, cleaning will not damage the electrical part, it will not cause short circuit.


2. Ultra clean: high temperature saturated steam with high pressure can clean the oil surface, it can automatically capture and dissolve tiny oil and dirt particles, then vaporize the dirt. Almost all of the oil can not resist with the power of saturated steam, so saturated steam cleaning the surface can reach the ultra-clean state.


3. Water-saving: clean the surface only 13 liters of water per hour, according to data, you can save a lot of water.


4. Environmental protection: no sewage and harmful chemical emissions, thus cleaning workers do not worry to clean so hardly, and the surrounding environment without any pollution and damage.


5. Sterilization: high temperature saturated steam can kill any harmful microorganisms and bacteria about 180 ℃ which is in the high temperature environment.