Connecting Detail introduction of Car Washer

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  • July 07, 2017

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CAR MEMBER sticks to researching and developing a new cost-effective product yearly so as to help our customers to create and sustain their competitive advantages in this open competitive global market, thus to improve their profit. Car washer C300 emerged as the the times require,with its portability, light weight and small in size.

Today, this passage is going to introduce the connecting details about C300.

connectionUsually, there are two ways to connect water for washing. One is connecting the water tap, which is much convenient but calls for long water inlet pipe. The other is carrying bucket filled with water, which requires plenty of energy of one.

The new car washer C300 was developed with these two features that can be connected to the water tap and bucket. It’s a good work. For the C300, it was aimed to household car washing at its first birth. No matter a villa or a cottage or a shop you live in, the car washer is absolutely a good helper for to wash a car.

It has a reasonable length of inlet pipe: 8 meters. This can ensure the water pressure while washing a car. As for the bucket, an underwater pump has been produced to make sure there is enough water for washing.