Accessories Introduction

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  • July 07, 2017

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CAR MEMBER sticks to researching and developing a new cost-effective product yearly so as to help our customers to create and sustain their competitive advantages in this open competitive global market, thus to improve their profit. Car wash equipment C300 emerged as the the times require,with its portability, light weight and small in size.

The hose for car washer is of high pressure. Different from common hose, this kind of hose is smaller, which concentrates water for higher pressure so as to do better washing.Today, this passage is going to introduce some accessories about C300, including hose and hose hydraulic connectors.

There is a small inlet, made of small clear hose, on the washer body, connecting high pressure hose. Besides, there is a hydraulic connector for high pressure hose and small clear hose.

On the other side of high pressure hose, the washer is equipped with universal adapter, in order to match up with different kind of water taps. No matter what size your water tap is, it can connect to the tap perfectly.