Dust Collector Introduction of Car Washer C300

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  • July 25, 2017

CAR MEMBER sticks to researching and developing a new cost-effective product yearly so as to help our customers to create and sustain their competitive advantages in this open competitive global market, thus to improve their profit. Car washer C300 emerged as the the times require,with its portability, light weight and small in size.

Today, this passage is going to introduce the dust collecting and drying details about car wash machine C300.

Traditionalldust collectory, the car wash machine can only do the cleaning and requires another cleaner for dust absorbing, some even can’t do inside cleaning, like automatic car wash machine. Whereas, the C300 could do a very complete cleaning for cars with more efficiency.

The Car Washer C300 is equipped with a dust collector and absorption filter unity. The absorption filter unity can filter the dust and other small materials in the dust collector so to protect motor inside main body.

Besides, this washer can do air drying for car. Close the water proof switch, dry car body. This step is to protect the car paint and keep its shinning. In summer, the temperature out-doors is pretty high. If a car was just washed without drying, the hot sunshine would do much damage on the car paint. Because of the light refraction, the water drop would be magnified and heat up part of the car body, which causes damage.