Home Steam Cleaners from Car Member

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  • July 28, 2017

Recently, Car Member developed several steam cleaners, among which there are two kinds for home use. Compared to the large steam cleaning machine, the home steam cleaners are designed for household applications, with lower power, lower pressure and not-so-high temperature for cleaning. All these were designed for safety and use at home. The two steam cleaners, one called as Little Bee, the other Helmet, are both fashionable in appearance and various in functions.

steam cleaners

Both steam cleaners are equipped with many accessories for different kinds of cleaning. The nozzle is used to concentrate steam to clean slot and small things. The ironing plate is applied to do ironing for clothes and fabric. The hairbrush can do cleaning for flat area like floor and ceilings. The scraper is for scraping water. And the brushes are designed to keep high temperature for sterilization and deodorization.

Accessories of steam cleaner

The great difference for the two steam cleaners is their appearances. The steam cleaner Little Bee is only for hand use. It was named for its similar appearance of bee. Its also like a gun, with a small water bottle on its end. Its light and handy and can be easily operated. As for the steam cleaner Helmet, just as what you can imagine what a real helmet is. But the cleaner is equipped with two wheels for easily moving. The two steam cleaners can be taken anywhere that needs cleaning. They can used to iron cloths and to clean the floor, doors, furniture, oil stains in kitchen, odour removing in wardrobe, mite killing of bedding, so on and so forth.


They are very popular at home and abroad for their convenience, efficiency and multi-purpose. These two steam cleaners owned by Car Member are of high performance-price ratio, for Car Member is a manufacturer, who can produce cleaner on their own. Car Member, short for Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.), is professional on automotive aftermarket products ( Cleaning series & vehicle-mounted series), and focuses on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service. The main products are high-tech steam cleaner/car washer, high pressure washer, household high pressure car washing machine, jump starter, car inflator pump and etc. Now Car Member is the only one manufacturer in Guangzhou, which is in professional design, research and produces household car washing machine.