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  • August 09, 2017

With the widespread application of steam from all over the world, Guangzhou Car Member specialized in all kinds of steam cleaner for most areas, including house cleaning, car care center, industry and etc, which has developed several unique and economic models that applies to a great majority of countries on the earth.

steam cleanerTo meet the demand from the end users, those steam cleaner from Guangzhou Car Member have the following main advantages:

1. Uninterrupted operation for 24 hours. With fully electricity or power and water supply, steam machine can keep working well for 24 hours a day without stopping.
2. Uperization ( High Temperature disinfection cleaning ). It is known that high temperature can offer disinfection in a way. When the steam comes our from the gun, it will thoroughly clean all the stain everywhere.
3. Steam humidity regulation. There is a switch on the cleaner, helping to adjust the humidity of the steam no matter when you need it more wet or dry.
4. Automatic water supply system. The water will be running out sooner or later if you keep using the cleaner. So there will be an alarm signal, telling the water is less than the capacity which can support working ahead, and the system will be ready to add more water automatically.

5. Leakage of protection switch. The steam cleaner, after all, is a machine that is running on electricity.( Of course, there are some LPG models running on gas and diesel ). So it is essential to equip with a protection switch to keep users safe.
6. No consumption in a dormant state. When the heat reaches the peak to make the water generate steam, the cleaner will be in a dormant state. During this period, there is no consumption for the electricity power supply, which is similar to the electric cooker.
7. Automatic steam supply. The power supply to heat the water generating steam will be closed when the steam reaches a full state and it will start working again to heat the water automatically.

Steam washing cleaner machine is becoming more and more popular for commercial and industrial use. Therefore, Guangzhou Car Member is devoted to the development of its application. There will be much more advantages in the coming future.

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