Washing Detail Introduction on Car Washer C300

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  • July 07, 2017
Today, this passage is going to introduce the washing details about multifunctional car wash machine-C300.

Car Washer C300

The nozzle is made of silica gel, which is soft and can protect the car body from scratching. Beside, there is an another atomizing nozzle made of stainless steel with exquisite workmanship and durability. Atomizing washing can protect the car paint too.

There is a foam applicator for foam washing. Don’t take its small size as useless . You won’t never know its power until you use it.

car washer accessories

With these accessories, car washing would save a large amount of water compared to the equal power products for washing a car. What’s more, the car washer is power-saving, taking about 20 minutes to wash a car. It’s a good cleaner with high pressure for washing.

Above all, the washer is equipped with anti-skid handle with circle dots according to physical dynamics in case of slipping.

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