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  • August 17, 2017

Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.) was founded in 2004, firstly focusing on trading and then transiting to molding. In 2006, a profound transformation and upgrading has been taken, making CAR MEMBER integrated with R&D, design, production, manufacture and marketing.

As we know refresh mind is necessary. In order to keep Members work efficiently every day. Every weekend CAR MEMBER sales team will organize team building activities to strengthen teamwork. They do public service together, playing games, running and cycling. How happy they are! They work together like a big family. Not only benefit for health in daily life, but also good for inspiration of brainstorming.

Team Activity

During workday, customers from all over the world often visit Car member. They praised Car Member as a very professional and passionate team. In order to let customers  further understand the new products—5-IN-1 car washer C300.

Multi-function Car Washer C300


1) Washing car;

2) Foam washing;

3) Drying;

4) Dust absorption;

5) Blow the snow cover away.

They showed customers the factory how the products are manufactured and how to operate. After visiting, They will take pictures and make signatures.

Customers have been hoping to make a long-term cooperation with Car Member, which can be their supplier in reasonable price for good quality products.

Visit Factory

It is worth mentioning that Car Member culture. In order to encourage and motivate members keeping forward. The members who are good at Performance will be rewarded. Everyone set goals and works for it in Every quarter. They will select sales champion who can be awarded trophies and prizes.

Award Prizes

Car Member vision – A leading global automotive aftermarket manufacturer and provider.

Car Member mission– Stick to developing a cost-effective product yearly, in order to help customers to create and keep their competitive advantage, and improve their profit.