DIY car wash, what should we pay attention to?

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  • August 22, 2017

DIY car wash has become a trend, loved by the public. Here are some tips on car wash, as follow:

car wash1. Remove the dust from the car

The use of bucket cleaning users, before car wash, as much as possible to clean up the dust in the car, the first is to reduce the workload, the second is to avoid excessive dust on the body caused by scratches

2. Control the water pressure

Non-professional users, the use of high-pressure water gun, need to control the water pressure, to avoid excessive damage to the car body.

3. Professional cleaning agent

car wash

Professional detergent ingredients and pH can be well applied to the car body, and washing liquid and other substitutes can not do that.

4. Professional wiping tools

Improper wipes will cause damage to the car body, should be prepared for a special car wash cloth.

5. Details of car wash

Chassis, window sewn, door and skylight and other easy to overlook the part of attention to cleaning, to avoid corrosion, window failure, etc.

car wash6. Bird feces clean

After the birds feces harden, do not scrub directly, first with a piece of paper or a piece of cloth to cover the birds feces, and then pour the water and cleaning agents, soaked soft bird feces, and then gently wipe. So can avoid wiping the car body paint.

7. Car wash in the Winter

The weather is cold and the water have to completely cleared. To avoid freezing to the car maintenance and use caused troubles.

8. Car wash in the Summer

Please do not wash in the hot sun, In the summer car wash will form a water film, strong sunlight through the water film will make the car local rapid warming, and it will damage car.

Hope that the above points can give you help.

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