High efficiency---Car Washer C200

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  • August 09, 2017
Recently high pressure car washer product is really hot sale in the market. Today its going to introduce the details about car washer C200
1. High Pressure
Car washer C200 is high pressure washer product. The power is 1700W, and the range of the machine is 12 meters. With testing, the water shot through the carton directly. Thus, It’s not allow use the hand to touch the water which is spray out from the water gun, which will easy to hurt the hand. It just takes 15 minutes to wash a car. it’s really save water and time. It can’t imagine how big is the pressure only when use it in the hand.

car washer

2. Household use
Car Washer C200 is focus on household use. It can use for floor, yard, kitchen, cars etc, It’s especially popular with those who have cars but far away from the downtown, they can use this machine washing their cars. On the one hand, they can enjoy the fun of car washing with the family, on the other hand, it can save water and save money. 

car washer

3. Easy operation

Car washer C200 is very easy to operate. First step, to use the inlet pipe connect the machine and another size connect the bucket. Then, to use power supply connect the home electric and turn on the switch. When some water spray out, turn off the switch. Second step, to use the outlet pipe connect the machine, another size connect the water gun. Third step, turn on the switch and can use it well. Only three steps can complete the operation.

car washer
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