How to maintain your car to get better?

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  • August 22, 2017
How to maintain your car to get better?

To keep cars getting better, you should maintain cars regularly. The followings are very helpful to lengthen the life of cars, which shared by Guangzhou Car Member Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd in accordance with their own maintenance vehicle experience.

1.Wash the car in time
When running or parking on the road, the car are easily covered with dusty particles, bird droppings, etc., especially after the rain, the inside of the acid after a long time will be corrosion on the surface of the car paint, causing car is no longer shining, the serious will fade. There for you need to have a good steam wash machine tools to achieve your car maintenance, a good steam wash machine can help you with your car comprehensive clean. Steam can be sterilizing and deoil under the action of high temperature.
steam wash machine
2.Check and replace the motor oil in time
Automobile engine and other parts can not operate normally without oil lubrication, cleaning and other functions. So check the oil gauge in time to see if the oil is normal. Generally speaking, the new car should change the oil once every 5,000 kilometers, if the oil filter is dirty, the filter has to be changed.

3. Check the antifreeze fluid, brake oil and glass water regularly

steam wash machine

4. Pay attention to the cleaning of the air in the car
New car needs to purify the air is known to all, run odor, reduce the toxic gas such as formaldehyde. In addition to the window ventilation, the use of air purifiers, such as steam wash machine is good, anti-bacterial anti-virus, continuous strong. In the normal maintenance of the vehicle, it can also remove the odor, such as removing the smoke smell, the exhaust odor and so on.

5.Check the car brake pads and clutch plate on schedule of wear degree and often check the tire pressure, to a certain degree to be replaced, otherwise there is great potential safety hazard.