Such a Team, You Deserve It!

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  • August 10, 2017

Team, many people would be every familiar with it, and most of us would be a member in one team.

However, different teams would have different ways of getting along.

Here’s a strong sales team from Car Member!

  • Team Work Awareness

Car Member Team often has a strict training, just like in an army. No one can break the rules! If one makes a mistake, the whole team would be punished.

The reason of training is establishing awareness of team work for each one.

Few days ago, the team accepted the training. Firstly, they climbed a wall without any tools within the limit time, all of them must pass. Therefore, they had a brainstorming on how to make it. They worked together and helped each other to overcome difficulties. Finally, all of them passed the strict training and performed well!

Team Training

  • High Morale

Car Member Team attended a competition among with more than 56 companies, they needed to fight for the sales amount to different companies!

During the competition, most of them set a goal, then carried out with actions.

They combined the products, with clarifying  the cleaning machine into different types: 1) Steam Cleaning Machine Series; 2) High Pressure Car Washer Series; 3) Super High Pressure Cleaning Machine Series; 4) Car Washer for Home Used, etc. The team analyzed the market for different countries with different needs. Then took their efforts to fight for their goal!

All of them kept communication, if one met difficulties, their team would stay together, and started brainstorming, they never take rest until all the problem being solved.

They spared no effort to fight for their goal, usually would work till late, and then went home together. But they went back to office in next morning, still full of energy!

They vowed never give up until they all achieved their sales amount!

Finally, they succeeded with their high morale. They got awards and created a new high among more than 56 companies.

Team Together

  • Strong Execution

They were asked to perform at the Awards Ceremony the day before it, thus they only have one day to prepare.

All of them sat together to discuss the program, and made decision quickly, then started rehearsing their show.

They failed for times, but no one complaint it, they encouraged each other and kept rehearsing, and finally completed it, which seems impossible to finish.

And got a good reputation at the Awards Ceremony!

That is team of Car Member!

When they work, they do their utmost, when off work, they share happiness to each other!

What a nice team they are!