Busy Month for Car Member

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  • September 21, 2017

August may be a common month for most people. However, it’s a special and busy month for Car Member.


Who’s Car Member?

Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.), also called Car Member, specializes in manufacturing cleaning products and vehicle mounted products.

They stick to developing a cost-effective product yearly, in order to help customers to create and keep their competitive advantage, and improve their profit.


In August, Car Member was very busy.

A. They set up a shop at the biggest auto parts Square in Guangzhou.

They showed their newest products, which have their own patent—multifunctional car washer.

Besides, various car cleaning products were showed there, including:

1) Car washer for home use;

2) High pressure car washer for commercial use;

3) Steam cleaning series, etc..


The most popular model should be the multifunctional car washer!

Some customers signed the sole agent contact with us, besides, to do their own LOGO on both the main machine and package design.


As the customers said, they never saw such kind of new product, and believed that they could have a big market share!


B. What’s more, Car Member also developed and manufactured a new series of steam cleaning machines for car care shop and for home use!

They did market research, and found that would be a new market for the steam and ozone car cleaning machine, which could not only clean the car interior and exterior, but also could have the function of antivirus and sterilization!


C. Their factory was very busy in preparing goods for different customers, many orders were arranged by queue. They usually needed to work till late at night, though tired, workers still felt pleased, because they arranged the goods as for customers requirements, and got customers’ affirmation!


And they also held activities on the sales performance, most of their sales needed to set up a goal, and then fought for it, It is worth mentioning that most of them achieved goal through team working and their own effort!


All members from Car Member, though went through a busy August, they all felt very happy, not only for their performance, but also they could stay and fight together!