A story of Car Member with the Customer

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  • August 22, 2017

A story of Car Member with the Customer

Car Member factory is a professional manufacturer with cleaning series products.

1)      Steam Cleaner Machine;

2)      Steam Cleaner with the vacuum;

3)      Commercial use high pressure car wash machine;

4)      Household high pressure car washing machine

There are many customers who come from different countries to Car Member. Today, it’s going to tell you a story of Car Member with the lovely customer.

The first time Car Member’s sale met the customer was at the 119 Canton Fair. The customer is come from UAE and he’s professional about car washer machine. The customer was interested in high pressure car washer so that he visited Car Member ‘s booth. Car Member’s sale man introduced all the details about the high pressure car washer to the customer. After a long conversation, the customer final decided to visit the factory.

car washer

The second day of Canton Fair, Car Member’s sale man went to Garden Hotel to picked up customer at 9am. When the customer arrived in Car Member factory, the customer was attracted by production line, a large number of car washer machine in customer eyes. The sale man showed to the customer how to production the car washer machine accessories, how to test car washer pressure, how to assembly the car washer machine. After finished visited the factory, the customer placed an order about car washer. After one weekend, the sale man got the deposit from the customer. 18 days later, Car Member staff were busy shipped the Car Washer to UAE.

car washer

The sale man asked the customer why choose cooperation with Car Member and placed an order directly, the customer’s answer was this.

1. When the customer into the factory’s office, the customer Saw the flag of his country, so the customer though this factory was respected him.

2. The sale man was professional about car washer, the customer know all the details about this car washer machine.

3. The passion from Car Member’s workers, from the moment he walked into the factory, all people smile and said hi to him.

Now the sale man and the customer established a deep friendship. The customer always bring the gift to the sale man when he visit to China.