Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s - Commercial High Pressure Washer
Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s main machine
Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s side view
Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s heat radiator

Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

a car wash pressure washer with ulta-high pressure and strong power for washing

Product Specification:
  • Size :


  • Weight :


  • Voltage :


  • Frequency :


  • Product speed :


  • Pressure :


  • Material :

    Pure copper

  • Injection Volume :


  • Intlet pipe :


  • High-pressure pipe :


Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

An absolutely right choice for Car Wash center!

With large amounts of water flow rate, reaching at 11L/min.

Efficient and clean washing for customer's loved cars.

Product functions
  • This kind of car wash machine is characterized by superhigh pressure and strong power for car washing. It's mainly used in car wash centers and car care shops.

    Car Washing of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Product application
  • Besides car washing, the superhigh pressure car wash machine can be widely used in various of situations, like bicycle washing, glass watering, swimming pool and floor washing, wall cleaning, etc..

Application of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Product details
  • Here is a very detail introducton about ultrahigh pressure wash machine-C66s.

Detail Introduction of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Product size and package
  • The ultrahigh pressure car washer is rather large in size. It's detachable and could packaged in a relatively small packing box.

Size of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Package of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Other types
  • There are several of high pressure wash machine for you to choose.

Series of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Our partners
  • With professionalism, Car Member has built strong relationship with famous automobile brands.

Partners of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

About us
  • Car Member, with an area of 1000 square meters, holds more than 50 staff members including 4 sales teams. Covering an area of about 3000 square meters, the subsidiary factory, located in Guangzhou, China, has been established for more than then years. Car Member is professional in automotive aftermarket products and focus on R&D, design, production, marketing and after-sales service.

Factory and Company of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Exhibitions & Certificates
  • Car Member has been gained remarkable achievements, paying attention to the product innovation and constantly developing and exploring new products and business. From time to time, Car Member would participate to the large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad.

Exhibitions of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

  • The products have obtained the high and new technology product patent certification, also successively gained ROHS, FCC, CE-EMC, CE-LVD certifications.

Certificate of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

About teams
  • With solid financial strength, strong technic force and high quality products, Car Member has established a model of high-tech and civilized corporation in society. Organizing outdoors activities now and then strenghtens members' relationship in Car Member.

Team Events of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Payment & Shipment
  • Choose any payment and shipment for your convenience. Promised timely delivery for customers' trust.

Payment and Shiping of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

More about Car Wash Pressure Washer?

Contact of Car Wash Pressure Washer-C66s

Car Wash Pressure Washer description




Super-high Pressure Car Washer







Product feature:

Super-high pressure; Different spray nozzles; Better stability


10Mpa, powerful washing

Commercial use:

car shop, car care shops, auto repair shops, garage, etc

Motor material:

 pure copper

Motor test:

Working for 12 hours continuously.


About 20min to do a fully washing for a car

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