Do Not Miss This Promotion!

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  • August 24, 2017

Car Member specializes in manufacturing car cleaning products for years!

All of their products have passed the certificates of CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, Rohs, SGS, etc.

It’s said that they seldom hold promotion on the car cleaning products, especially the steam cleaning machine.

Recently! Car Member would hold a promotion on their excellent product, steam and ozone cleaning machine!

They say if people take one machine, could get one more vacuum cleaner FOR FREE!

Here’s a good chance on it, sounds great! Do not miss it.

So, what kind of the machine is it?

The Steam and Ozone Cleaning Machine is the first machine for car refining and detailing. It’s  mainly used as a specialized equipment for car interior detailing, such as interior Ozone sterilization and disinfection, carpet steam cleaning, wheel cleaning, motor cleaning, air-conditioning vent cleaning, etc..

It’s also used in different industries like car beauty, house and office cleaning, hospital and labs cleaning, food industry, etc. , which could help you to create a clean and healthy environment for working and living!

Steam and Ozone Cleaning Machine

Compared to some steam cleaners on the market, their Steam and Ozone Cleaning Machine is much different as following:

1. More stable and stronger jet power.

2. Instant vaporization working method.

3. Embedded temperature control system.

4. Artful handle for using.

5. Timer: working without staff (when set time is up, it will stop working and alarms).

6. Ozone sterilization, as a supplement for steam disinfection.

Is it attractive?

Just contact them for more details!