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  • July 07, 2017

Guangzhou Car Member Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Car Member International Group Ltd.) was founded in 2004, firstly focusing on trading and then transiting to molding. In 2006, a profound transformation and upgrading has been taken, making CAR MEMBER integrated with R&D, design, production, manufacture and marketing.

car member

The CAR MEMBER owes two factories in Guangzhou, one demonstration base also in Guangzhou, and a branch company in Hong Kong. As it grows stronger, it has employed more than 100 workers and over 50 officers including 4 sales teams.

Working in CAR MEMBER is really funny. Every morning, members in CAR MEMBER do their morning reading, which makes them active and memorable in working and serving. The reading materials are about thanksgiving, respecting and attitudes in life, working, and communicating.

After morning reading, members in CAR MEMBER do broadcast gymnastics to keep a healthy body, and a cooperative team. They do exercise for twice a day. And this has already been an exotic sight in CAR MEMBER.

Without a healthy body, nothing can be done well. That’s why they keep exercising everyday. From time to time after work, they would go for an activity to know each other well and have fun for after-working-life.

This is CAR MEMBER, a family with so much fun. Welcome to join us!