How to operate a good car wash shop??

  • 2018
  • Car Member at
  • September 01, 2017

The car care store services are including: Car washing, waxing, interior trimming, auto sales and car disinfection. The followings are some advices on the operation of the necessities of the car wash shop.



The operation scope of the machine in the car washing shop:

A. Special wash towel (advantage: 2 to 3 times the amount of water to absorb water, and 4 to 6 times the life of ordinary towel) small type: it is recommended to be equipped with 50-60 pieces. Large type: 30 to 40 pieces are recommended.


B. Car wash liquid: Car wash liquid on the paint for deep cleaning, care, so that the vehicle bright as a mirror. To solve the vehicle due to sun, oxidation, alkaline washing and other reasons caused by the old color, shiny dim and so on 10 bottles are recommended.


C. Water remover liquid: combined with the use of air car washer, can improve the efficiency of dryer. Its principle is making the water bead of the car congealed into large water mass, more easily blown away by the wind. Recommend 10 bottles.


D. Foam tools: no damage to car paint, recommend 6 pieces. The car wash sponge is advised to have 20 pieces.


E. Tire tools: tire brushes, used to clean tires, recommend 2 pieces.


F. Tire lighting liquid(clean the tires, lighten the tires), recommend 5 bottles.  


G. High pressure car wash machine: use the car wash machine from Car Member, the shooting force is strong and does not break the car paint.



Interior cleaning configuration:

A. 30L dry and wet vacuum cleaner: Strongly remove dead ends and sticky dirt and dust on the carpet 


B. 2 in 1 steam and ozone car wash machine: Steam can be car interior cleaning, such as car air conditioning washing, steering wheel washing, seat washing and so on. Ozone can remove the odor and sterilization.